21 Feb

Techniques of Controlling/Preventing Soil Erosion

Soil erosion can be defined as the displacement of soil particles by either wind, water or animals. This process can easy turn a rich, fertile, and healthy soil into an arid and infertile soil. In most cases, soil erosion usually occurs at construction sites, on farms, which lack inappropriate structure and soils that have too loose owing to continuous use for a long time. Once the soil has been eroded, it becomes extremely hard to grow crops or vegetation on it. Therefore, it is important to put in place the recommended techniques and methods of controlling soil erosion. There are various soil erosion control measures and method that are used to control soil displacement. These methods include:

Planting vegetation on loose soils

This is the most natural and effective method of controlling soil erosion. Once appropriate vegetable have been planted, their roots usually go deep in the oil hence binding the soil particles together. Vegetable therefore helps to grip soil together preventing excess movement of soil. Many people prefer planting trees and vegetation as one of the suitable erosion control measure/practice.

Construction of Silt fence

Building silt fences is another useful technique, which is used to control soil erosion. Silt fences are usually constructed on loose soil. It requires special techniques during construction. For instance, these fetches are not secured completely on the ground, and this gives room for water to pass right underneath the barrier. Whenever planning to construct silt fences, it becomes advisable to hire contractors who have enough skills or knowledge in silt fence construction. Loaders and excavators, bobcat hire Melbourne has nowadays can be used to help in transporting and excavation of the construction site.

Matting method/technique

A matting method involves laying of a mat like material on loose soils. The mat ought to cover the soil until natural/native vegetation starts to grow. It has no effects or harm to the vegetation, and thus, it is recommended for use as one of the suitable soil erosion control methods. These mats are believed to provide strength and enough surface area, which is required to prevent a given piece of land from water runoff/erosion.

Planning for shore restoration projects

It is one way to restore those shorelines that have been damaged by soil erosion. Undertaking this process helps to increase natural stability and strength of soils, which are along water bodies. Since rocks and sand will be needed in large amounts during this exercise, it is advisable to consider services offered by tip truck hire Melbourne has today for assistance especially in transporting heavy materials to the construction site.

Digging contour trenches

Contour trenches are structures that are dug the counter of a hilly area to run perpendicular to the water flow. The main role played by these structures is to catch rain water hence preventing it from washing the loose soil. This method is mostly used by farmers who grow crop and vegetable. Once these trenches have been dug, water runoff is usually minimized, and it becomes hard for water to wash away planted seeds. Moreover, gabion construction is another suitable method of controlling soil erosion. The technique is mostly used to prevent erosion, to know more about it, you can visit the link at http://www.stateplanthire.com.au/erosion-control-specialists/

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