20 Feb

Self storage – A unique remedy to ensure safety of your belongings

Availability of sufficient storage space is one of the challenging issues faced by most of the industries across the globe. In fact, shortage of storage space is also common in the residential areas. In all such cases, you will have to look for a suitable North Melbourne self storage facility so that you can securely keep your goods.

Self storage facilities have gained popularity in Australia and in many other European countries. In Australia, the popularity of a storage unit is such that an enterprising firm has introduced unique 650 storage units and also about 4000 square meters of outdoor storage area exclusive for vehicles, caravan and sea and boat containers.

Keep anything except as prohibited by law:

Storage space is a versatile system where you can store anything including your clothes, furniture as well as the raw materials and finished goods. However, according to the law prevailing in Australia, you are not supposed to keep materials such as inflammable articles, fire arms and such other prohibited items.

Designed for your convenience:

A North Melbourne self storage facility operates similar to your safe deposit locker in a bank.  The business of self storage in Australia is guided by the Fair Trade Practices Act.  The storage units are available in different designs and sizes. Further, there are exclusive storage units with air conditioners and chilling units to store medicines and food articles.  In addition to this, the storage unit sizes and facilities inside the storage units are carefully crafted so that you can even keep you jewelry and delicate artifacts and such other articles. Check Public Self Storage for more details.

Prosperous business:

During the last year, the self storage industry in Australia recorded business worth more than AUD 1 billion. It is expected to register further growth by about 3.7% during 2017. Further, it has been observed that since the past five years the demand for North Melbourne self storage has come from smaller online business enterprises. In order to cater to the increasing demand, many reputed self storage units have opened branches in various parts of Australia. In addition to this, many venturesome startups also have entered this business.


The Self Storage Association of Australia (SSAA) is one of the nodal agencies that represent the interests of Self Storage Industry in Australia. More than 1400 centers across Australia are members of this association. This is one of the bodies that advise government on matters relating to self storage business in Australia. The Association provides all the necessary guidance to the member units to improve the business and also insists the members to adhere to established ethics of business namely reliability and mutual trust with their respective clients.

Keep the materials in a box:

If you want to keep materials like stationery items or such materials of smaller dimensions, then you may buy packing boxes west Melbourne units provide. By keeping the materials in the packing box Melbourne shops sell, you also ensure security of your belongings. Make sure they are of appropriate size.

Reasonable rental:

In the interest of the safety of your materials, it is always desirable that you find any of the reputed self storage units like the HTTPS://WWW.PUBLICSELFSTORAGE.COM.AU/NORTH-MELBOURNE-SELF-STORAGE.HTM/. Such storage units provide all the modern facilities so as to ensure safety of your invaluable belongings. In addition to this, the rental of these self storage facilities is also considerably reasonable.

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